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Pole Position in Formula One is the lead car. In our documentary it is the vertical position on a pole that our lead character, Mark Brydon, strives for.
He mostly works as a tree surgeon but in his casual Australian manner he calls himself a ‘tree-lopper’. Climbing trees is what he does for a living. His skills with ropes, spikes and clamps are in high demand.
Police hired him to safely remove protesters who chained themselves to the tree canopy. The National Parks of Australia call upon him to help catch koalas that need to be relocated. Old ladies desperately sought his help to save their kitten stuck in a high tree.
Mark is a free spirit who retains the joy and enthusiasm of childhood with an almost superhuman determination to overcome his fears and live his dreams. Whatever he does in life, he wants to be the best. When he heard about pole climbing competitions he felt compelled to give it a try. It may sound like a crazy sport...but it is an exhilarating sight. These guys literally run up smooth, vertical poles, with no branches to grab.
To participate in the world championships held in England, he had to sell his most precious possession, his motorbike. Not only did he win, he also broke the world record. We will see Mark working and training and - at the same time - get to know the former British champion who is equally determined to get the title back. The plot of the documentary will be Mark’s relentless efforts to remain in pole position, and will culminate in the next world championship where he will once again challenge the world’s best pole climbers.
We will meet his family who are farm folk, as is Mark himself. Hear from his parents and teachers what Mark was like as a child, and through his past gain insight into where his passion and determination came from and how he learned to tame and funnell it over the years. We will see him get up at the crack of dawn for his ritual of stretching followed by time trials on the vertical pole set up in his front yard.
The film will be an explosive battle of wills as both Mark and his opponant believe they will win... Nature, sport and adventure are the key elements in this gripping story.