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Often we watch beautiful documentaries about wildlife, films that make us dream about a wonderful world that seem unreachable.
The series will show how anybody can easily have a “Close Encounter” with wild and often endangered animals: it just takes the knowledge of where and when. The documentaries will take the audience to remote – although still accessible places - where ordinary people with normal holidays can easily go.

The series will focus on trips to view animals like:
Orang-utans in Borneo
Polar bears in Canada
Whales in Argentina
Lemurs in Madagascar
Sting rays in the Cayman Islands
Elephants in Tanzania
Sea turtles in Costa Rica
Lions in South Africa
Gorillas in Rwanda
Grizzly bears in Alaska
Sharks in the Bahamas
Sea lions in the Falkland Islands
Penguins in New Zealand
Koalas in Australia
Crocodiles in the USA

All these animals will be almost within touching range with the “eco-tourists”. We will meet up with researchers or wild life rehabilitators working for the conservation of that particular species; who will guide us through the episode.
“Close Encounters” will blend the excitement of wild life, adventure, eco tourism and conservation.