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Do wild life lovers have any kind of nightlife? Yes they do!
Conservation can’t stop at sunset. As day slips into night a new shift of people ventures into the darkness to help wild animals.
The series will get to know special kinds of researchers and animal rehabilitators from around the world: those that are not afraid of the dark.
In one of the episodes we follow a veterinary doctor at work who sets up megaphones in the African savannah to play the sound of hyenas. This will attract the lions. The aim is to dart some male lions so studies can be made on the causes of fertility decline and the spread of diseases like tuberculosis and HIV in confined parks.
As sun rises in Africa so the sun sets on the coasts of Malaysian Borneo. This is where our next episode will take the audience.
On some tiny islands near the Philippines, rangers nightly patrol the beaches making sure no poachers steal eggs that the sea turtles will come to lay.
When the rangers meet a mother turtle lumbering up the beach to dig a nest in a safe place, they sit and witness this wonderful spectacle. The objective is to collect the eggs that will then be hatched in a safe area. In the hatchery, each night, hundreds of baby turtles emerge from the sand three months after being laid. They will be escorted to the sea where they will start a new life. This work has largely increased the chances of survival for some species of sea turtles.
From tropical beaches to the cool mountains of Slovenia. This is where another story will follow a team at work that has set traps to catch brown bears. They will be relocated to the Italian Alps where they are virtually extinct. Bears are active at night and that is what keeps our characters up. Sometimes they have to wait for weeks before the right animal gets caught. Then it will be a long run to the Italian Alps to let them animal go before it gets too hot.
The series will focus on action packed stories where conservation work occurs during the hours when most people are safely tucked in bed.